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World Championships Of Performing Arts
Guatemala has been a part of the Arts Olympics for Eighteen years!

We have received, while competing in Hollywood, Los Angeles, more than 210 proposals from US managers.
And the following students were offered scholarships to attend the celebrated New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts:

- Arturo Castro (2006)

- Víctor Flores (2007)

- Giovanna Coronado (2008)

- Eric Díaz (2011)

- Jackelyn Kuhn (2011)

- Manola Menendez (2013)

- Génesis Villalta (2014)

- Alejandro Hernández (2014)

-Gabriel Blanco (2014)

- Youko Martínez (2015)

Anna Cristina Sánchez (2017)

- Adriana Ibargüen  (2017)


Scholarship to attend the famous Dance Institution: Millennium Dance Complex, Los Ángeles

- Simone Levy (2017)

How do you become a part of this success?

Join Guatemala’s national team in order to attend the next World Championship of Performing Arts.

Call us to audition ►2332-1020◄ or e-mail to us ►◄

Do you wish to learn more about the World Championship?

Whether you’re in Central America or the Caribbean, this is your chance to pursue your dream, to make it come true. The competition draws from classical, popular and Christian singers, as well as Olympic dancers, models, actors and costume designers, between the ages of 4 and 35.

Challenge yourself, for they will challenge you to move to the next level during a tough, weeklong competition against 65 other countries from around the globe. You’ll be performing next to a wide array of international artists in each competitive venue; plus, orientation seminars will be given to guide you through the process.

Take advantage of this grand opportunity to meet artists’ agents, managers, producers, coreographers and first-tier record producers, such as Sony Music and Warner Brothers.

More than 1,000 prizes are awarded, including gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals, world-class trophies and international contracts; each competitive venue involves more than 100 specialized judges who have vast expertise within the arts industry coming together in Hollywood.

Do join us on this adventure and let us sing in harmony, one voice on all accounts, in order to share in this joyful freedom and to deliver a message of peace and solidarity to all humankind.


Angelica Rosa has been a member of the World Championships of Performing Arts Hollywood, USA organization during the past 18, years acting as National Director for different countries like Central America, Bolivia, Spain, Mexico and Puerto Rico. For the past 21 years, this competition has been the only competition that manages high performance levels in the theatrical arts, so is considered as the equivalent of the Sports World Olympics in terms of the demand, talent, discipline and high performance, sought around world

This is the only international competition held annually in Hollywood, the capital of the entertainment in the world.

All kinds of instruments participate in this INTERNATIONAL competition; performances in 5 different musical styles, 14 singing styles, 5 acting styles, 14 dance styles and television modeling, both runway and television production take place. Since 2016, fashion designers from the different countries are able to participate, giving these artists the magnanimous opportunity, not only to make themselves known but to have the opportunity of being hired by different agencies.

Thousands of competitors from over 64 countries including Japan, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Colombia, the Philippines, Russia ... etc. come to the capital of the entertainment to show themselves and audition with their talent, determination, effort, dedication and technical arts before the jury conformed by US talent agencies, music producers, musical theater companies, bands directors on talent-searching tours, Universities of Arts directors ... ultimately, more than 180 judges specialized in the different areas managing such competition. They do not just serve as jurors, but they are also in search for talent to be hired in their agencies, USA. During the first days of the contest, there are art workshops offered by different specialties such as administrative management of the career, training on auditions in Hollywood and Broadway and management of music production.

Contestants seek to win scholarships according to their specialization. More than $350,000 is granted annually by famous educational art institutions in the art such as the "Millennium Dance Complex" in North Hollywood, California, for dance, the "New York Film Academy" and the prestigious "New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts" for acting. The last day of the competition, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and world trophies are awarded to those talented with the highest score in the different styles.

Each participant attending the World Championships of Performing Arts, has been projected, rated and selected under the guidelines established by the licensed National Directors and Scouts from guests’ countries. This meeting is a unique exit door for artistic applicants and international models wishing to acquire valuable experience, education, recognition and networking opportunities.

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