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●2009 / An annex of The Angélica Rosa Institute opens in Bilbao, Spain, through Ricky Bámaca, her Guatemalan assistant, for purposes of musical theater and opera workshops.

●2008 / An annex of The Angélica Rosa Institute opens in Málaga, Spain, for the Bolivian delegation to the World Championship, while Ms. Rosa works with contestants in a major vocal competition in Spain, Operación Triunfo.

●2007 / An annex of The Angélica Rosa Institute opens in Arizona, for purposes of training the Mexican and Bolivian delegations to the World Championship of Performing Arts.

●2007 / Ms. Rosa is awarded a medal from the Guatemalan Hemeroteca Nacional [Periodicals Library] for her contribution to educational advancement in the arts in Guatemala since 1989.

●In 2000, she wins the “Arcoiris Maya” award, first prize, in recognition of her educational work with music students in Guatemala.

●In 1999, she wins TGW/The Voice of Guatemala’s “Golden Button” award, given her commitment to educating artists and media performers for 15 years.

●In 1998, she is nominated to the “Premios Maya”, along with the National Symphony Orchestra and the National Ballet, in recognition of her educational work in Guatemala.

●In 1995, she wins the “Artist of the Year” award (in opera), given by the Guatemalan Società Dante Alighieri.

●In 1991, she is given an award by the Guatemalan Professional Singers’ Association, in recognition of her educational work in the arts.

●In 1989, she wins a Commonwealth of Puerto Rico award for choral direction in the film “Powaqqatsi,” music by Philip Glass, Francis Ford Coppola Productions.

●In 1987, she wins the annual opera award from the Puerto Rico Institute, a New York City organization devoted to Puerto Rican culture.

●In 1985 and 1986, she wins the Puccini Award from the New York-based Puccini Foundation, headed by diva Licia Albanese.

●Since 1985, Ms. Rosa has trained students in New York, Santo Domingo, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Puerto Rico, and these, in turn, have furthered studies in New York, California, Indiana, Miami, Boston, Iowa, Canadá, Argentina, as well as Belgium.

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