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International Performing Arts Vocal – Theater and Musician Coach

Here Ms. Angélica Rosa offers a holistic education, bringing to bear the technical artistry and professionalism that the international market requires, resulting in medals, awards, contracts and other distinctions garnered in international events.

She firmly believes that continuous practice serves to flesh out truthful work. The confrontation between an artist and his/her public draws from total commitment, rendering “stage fright” harmless over time. Thus the challenge at hand is to use what we learn from systematic study, not just to communicate or convey any given message, but in order to face and solve those problems brought about by being on stage (trouble is to be expected, even when we do what we do with thorough professionalism). Such a holistic training makes it possible for each student to see his/her dream come true, provided their feet are set firmly on the ground, on real ground, that is. The upshot is art that is worthy of its public, with all due respect to our students.

● If you’re looking to audition at universities and conservatories throughout Europe and the US Or International Music and Vocal Competitions, her teaching team provide the best educational option.

The following are some of the institutions that have granted enrollment to our students:

-The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, New York (NYCDA) / Acting and Musical Theatre Departments

-The New York Film Academy (NYFA) / Film Acting Department

-The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) / Acting Department

-The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) - New York / Acting and Musical Theatre Department

-Berklee College of Music - Boston / Composition and Singing specialized in Jazz and R&B Departments

-The Musician Institute - Los Angeles / Composition and Singing Departments

-The Mannes School of Music – New York / Operatic Voice Department

-The Manhattan School of Music – New York / Musical Theater Department

-Edinboro University – Pennsylvania / Acting and Musical Theater Departments

-Miami Dade College – Miami / Classic Singing and Musical Theater Departments

-The Circle Square, Dramatic Arts – NY / Acting Department

-The Conservatory of Music – Puerto Rico / Composition and Operatic Singing Departments
-Ithaca University –Composition and Jazz Singing Departments

-University of Puerto Rico / Acting Department

Ms. Rosa has built an artistic career over thirty years, dedicating herself to emerging artists in several countries (the US, Spain, Central America, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia and Mexico).

She founded The Angélica Rosa Institute in New York, back in 1985, and throughout the years her work has reached Arizona, Miami, Santo Domingo, Central America, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Spain. Since 2000, she works for the World Championship of Performing Arts (Hollywood, Los Angeles, California) in her capacity as Regional Director for Central America, Mexico, Bolivia, Spain and Now Puerto Rico.

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